What we think

A while back our cares were vibrant, possibilities were seemingly endless and the world appeared far bigger than we could grasp. Now, the sight to the other side is quite visible, we seem more and more content with where we are going. I blame college.

Without a doubt it has increased my career opportunities, or though they say, social networking perhaps? Integrity? But if anything it has increased my awareness of the world. I experience this discomfort at times in my own opinions about foundational structures. As I get older and continue my education, my discontent with structural concepts like governmental policies, politics , education and even people at times continues to grow. It is as if along with knowledge of the world comes the uneasy burden of finding solutions for it. Was He right about being naive?

As melodramatic as that sounds I am also very optimistic about the struggle. Life is not as it was when I was a kid, when history classes highlighted and justified America’s “triumphs” and power, while students welcomed it with absolute truth. When it was easy to keep a great amount of faith in our government and education systems without judgment; or love’s ability to overcome insurmountable feats. We should ask those questions we are so curious about; the inner functionality of life. I do it everyday. Sometimes high, sometimes not high, sometimes I think so much I cant reach outside my own thoughts.

I’m convinced I have ADHD, or autism, but no one really takes it seriously.


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